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Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros.
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First reference: Rebellion, Part 4
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Super Mario Bros. is the title of a series of video games (and related media) created by Nintendo.


The Super Mario Bros. series features two plumbers, Mario and his younger brother Luigi. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario journeys through many levels in order to rescue Princess Peach, who is usually kidnapped by the evil Bowser (sometimes called King Koopa). The games also features characters shaped like mushrooms, large plumbing tubes, and endless jumping.


Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

When Monica is not found, West says, "Princess is in another castle." This is a reference to the Super Mario Bros. video game: whenever Mario finishes exploring a castle in search of Princess Peach, Toad, a mushroom-like character, greets him with, "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!"

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

During Hiro's hallucination, he sees a man in a large plumbing tube, very similar to Mario and Luigi. Later, Hiro mentions villains from various series, including Bowser. Finally, Hiro encounters a forest ranger he believes is a mushroom humanoid who says that "our princess is in another castle," a reference to a famous line from the series.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

Elle plays a game similar to Super Mario Bros. in her Ohio home.

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's blog

Hiro posts a crossword puzzle, just for fun. One of the clues is simply "Kuppa". The solution is "Boss".

Saving Charlie

When Charlie says that she cries at the sight of goats because of the loss of a childhood dream, Hiro says, "I feel the same way about Super Nintendo. When I was eight, my parents refused to buy me one—they said I had to make do with my Atari 2600. Now even the thought of Super Mario gets me all choked up..." (Chapter 24)


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