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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー) is a role-playing game franchise that is sometimes referenced on Heroes.


Final Fantasy is a video role-playing game series, inaugurated in 1987 with a title released to the NES by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix). The series has enjoyed tremendous success among RPG enthusiasts, with more than ten titles released, besides various spin-offs and even animes, movies and merchandise.

Generally, each game in the franchise is independent from the others, featuring different plots, characters and even taking place in different worlds. However, some recurring common aspects characterize the series. For instance, gameplay elements (such as spells or items that appear through the series), setting (most games take place in a science-fantasy setting, featuring airships and magic) or creatures (such as the Chocobo, which can be rode like a horse).


Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's Blog

  • Hiro lists Final Fantasy as one of his favorite games.
  • In Stardate 1739.1, Hiro says that he's almost done with Final Fantasy XII.
  • Hiro notes that he's played all the Final Fantasy games, even XI. He says FF VI holds a special place in his heart because "the Magitek stuff was cool and it was the last of the pre-CD games."
  • In Stardate 1758.5, Hiro utilizes RPG jargon by saying, "It does seem that I need to level up my skills more, but how do I level up? Do I need more MP? Raise my Job Skill? How do I get XP?" Hiro also says, "I can't really fight. No weapons. My current spells would be Quick, Return, and Teleport." These stats are all used in Final Fantasy, and Quick, Return and Teleport are spells from the "time magic" category.
  • In Stardate 1747.2, Hiro discusses the reality of stopping the explosion, saying that he gets no more Phoenix Downs, an item used to revive a defeated character.
  • In Stardate 1766.1, Hiro says that Nathan Petrelli is "going to Vegas and he likes to fly so he's our Setzer Gabbiani." Setzer Gabbiani is a character from Final Fantasy VI. Hiro also says that Nathan's limo is not an airship, but more like "a very high tech chocobo." Later, Hiro says that he would like to ride a blackjack (which is an airship from Final Fantasy VI).
  • Hiro says, "The biggest question I have is am I a real hero? I cowardly hid while someone was being killed. My fingers was on L1 + R1 the whole time." L1+R1 is a combination of buttons on the controller that, when pressed on the battle screen of Final Fantasy VII, will exit the fight. This is also referenced in a later blog post: "What would a powerless hero do when facing adversity? Currently, the popular option is to run. L1+R1."
  • In Stardate 1776.8, Hiro says, "I tried using my powers but it didn't work quite the way I expected. Instead of Stop, I casted Haste. Better than nothing, I suppose. Will I ever become a master Red Mage? Will I ever learn Meteor?" Red Mage is a character class in the original Final Fantasy games which can cast offensive spells such as Meteor. Stop and Haste are spells used to freeze or slow down time.
  • In Stardate 1784.0, Hiro expresses his determination to defeat Sylar and save the world: "I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss."
  • A crossword puzzle clue on Hiro's blog reads "Flare caster". The answer is "Bahamut", referring to a summonable dragon from Final Fantasy.

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