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Chrono Trigger

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Chrono Trigger
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Marle and Crono are two of the main characters from Chrono Trigger.

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Chrono Trigger (クロノ・トリガー) is a role-playing game about time travel that is sometimes referenced on Heroes.


Chrono Trigger is a video-game developed by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) in 1995 for the SNES, later re-released for the PlayStation and the Nintendo DS. The story follows a group of adventurers who are accidentally propelled through time. They eventually discover that, in the far future, a monster called Lavos erupts from the Earth's crust and destroys civilization. They decide to use their ability to travel through time in order to change the past, altering history so that Lavos could never destroy the world.

The group initially consists of Crono, a teenager and the silent protagonist of the game; Marle, a princess who fled the kingdom in order to be together with Crono; and Lucca, a genius inventor and Crono's childhood friend. The party is expanded as they recruit people from different time periods, including Robo, a robot from the destroyed future; Glenn, a knight from the Middle Ages who was transformed into a frog; Ayla, a cave-woman; and Magus, a mage from an ancient civilization.


Once Upon a Time in Texas

As "Future Hiro" explains to "Past Hiro" (from three years ago) the importance of saving Charlie, his past self says that Charlie is to him as Marle is to Crono.

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's Blog

  • Hiro lists Chrono Trigger among his favorite games.
  • In Stardate 1747.2, Hiro says that after dreaming for a crucial moment to become a hero, that moment has finally arrived with seeing a terrible explosion--he has now "become Chrono [sic] in Chrono Trigger." He also hopes to find his Marle or Lucca soon. In the game, Marle is Crono's romantic interest, while Lucca is his childhood friend.
  • Hiro asks, "What would Chrono [sic] do in this situation?"
  • In Stardate 1766.1, Hiro says he's still looking for Lucca and Marle. He then lists an Epoch among the things he wants to ride. In the game, the characters use Epoch, an airship, to travel through time.
  • Hiro suggests he could name his future sword Masamune, which is the name of the ancient sword used by Glenn/Frog.
  • In Stardate 1771.1, Hiro says he's found his Marle, referring to Charlie.
  • Hiro pines, "Charlie wasn't my Marle, she was my Gwen Stacy." Marle is Crono's love interest.
  • In the crossword puzzle in Hiro's blog, number 6 across says "Glenn, 600 A.D." This refers to the character Frog from the Middle Ages, whose original name is Glenn.


  • Hiro writes the name of the main character of the game, Crono, as "Chrono". While "Chrono" is indeed used in the Japanese version of the game, his name had to be reduced to five characters for the English translation, hence his name appearing as "Crono" in the American version of the game.

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