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Mohinder's motel room

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Mohinder's motel room
Mohinder's hotel room.jpg
Location: Texas
Purpose: Visitors who need somewhere to stay

Mohinder stays in a motel room when he returns to the USA after leaving India.

Notable Visitors


Once Upon a Time in Texas

Eight weeks in the past, Samuel apologizes to Mohinder, who is on the floor, seemingly dead.

Brother's Keeper

In his hotel room, eight weeks ago, Mohinder calls Mira and leaves a message, admitting that she was right and that he made a mistake. He picks up the film and prepares to burn it in the wastepaper basket. Hiro arrives and freezes time, wipes blood from his nose and then substitutes a reel of film that he has brought for the one which Mohinder is burning. Hiro tells the immobile Mohinder to be careful because Samuel is coming.

Later Samuel bursts into the motel room, holding a rock, and demands to know how he can increase his powers a thousand fold. He insists that Joseph has been holding him back so that he can play the king and demands the truth. Mohinder says that he'll do everything possible to stop Samuel. Samuel uses his power to crush the rock into gravel and then projects it like shrapnel into Mohinder's chest. Samuel panics and flees. Mohinder sits up, gasping. He discovers that he's wearing a Kevlar vest and Hiro appears to greet him. Hiro explains that he came from eight weeks in the future to get the film. Mohinder says that they need to stop Samuel and Hiro explains that Mohinder needs to disappear for eight weeks so that he can turn the film over to Samuel and get Charlie back. Mohinder insists that he can't go into hiding while Samuel is at large and increasing his power. When they can't agree, Hiro freezes Mohinder and teleports him away.

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