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Matt nosebleed.jpg
Matt's nose bleeds when he strains to read the mind of the Haitian.

First mentioned: Fallout

A nosebleed sometimes occurs when evolved humans strain to use their abilities beyond their normal limits. Nosebleeds can also happen in both humans and evolved humans when they attempt to resist telepathic abilities.



Matt gets a nosebleed and one word, "Sylar", when trying to use telepathy in the Haitian's presence.

Cautionary Tales

When Angela is being interrogated by Matt, she tries to resist his telepathic readings. She holds him off, but after some time, Matt gains the information he wanted, and she gets a nosebleed.


Peter gets a nosebleed when attempting to telekinetically rip the steel vault open to get the Shanti virus vial.

Our Father

The Haitian gets a nosebleed when straining to contain the great powers of Arthur.


Eric Doyle tries to control Sylar, but he gets a nosebleed and passes out when his adversary proves too powerful.

Cold Wars

Matt Parkman uses his power on Noah Bennet to the extent that Noah gets a nosebleed.

I Am Sylar

At Building 26 with Ando, Hiro attempts to freeze time. However, he cringes in pain and clutches his bleeding nose, claiming that his head hurts badly.

An Invisible Thread

Against the advice of Ando and Mohinder Suresh, Hiro continues to use his power, only to eventually experience worsening symptoms, including bleeding from his left ear, blood within his left eyeball, and loss of consciousness.


Ando comments to Hiro about his nose bleeding again after freezing time saving Muffin Man.

Brother's Keeper

Hiro suffers a nosebleed after successfully traveling eight weeks back into the past, to save a film. When he arrives, he finds Mohinder just about to burn the film, and wipes the blood off his nose before saving the film.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 2

Arnold is bleeding from his nose and ears after trapping Charlie somewhere in time.

Project Reborn

In the present day Gateway, Phoebe Frady stands listlessly with a nosebleed shortly after Erica Kravid transports everyone to the future.



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