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Coyote Sands films

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Coyote Sands films
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First mentioned: 1961
Current status: Unknown

The Coyote Sands films were recorded in 1961 during an experiment to learn more about evolved humans. The films were all recorded by Mr. Lieberman, and have various labels (such as "Project Icarus" or "Samuel").



As Dr. Suresh studies Angela Petrelli and her dreaming ability, Mr. Lieberman films the proceedings.

Later, Mr. Lieberman films Dr. Suresh testing Alice, Angela's sister.

In the present, Mr. Lieberman's camera and film reels are found on the floor of a building at Coyote Sands. Peter gives Mohinder the film reels, telling him that he should watch them, and determine for himself if his father was a monster.

I Am Sylar

With a film reel under his arms Mohinder is looking at his father's experiments when he is tasered by Danko's team.

Brother's Keeper

Samuel tells Hiro to return 8 weeks in the past to retrieve tapes from Mohinder. In the past, Mohinder receives a package that contains a tape his father made of Samuel's birth, and details on the force and the compass. He watches it, and uses it to find the carnival, and talks with Joseph about Samuel. He tells Mohinder to burn the tape, but Samuel overhears. Hiro arrives and finds Mohinder about to burn them. He stops time and exchanges the tapes, just before Samuel arrives to confront Mohinder and find the false tapes burning. Hiro then saves Mohinder's life, and tells him he must give the tapes to Samuel. When Mohinder protests, Hiro locks him in a mental institution, and returns the tapes to Samuel.


Samuel sits in his trailer watching the tapes as Chandra discusses his ability.

The Wall

Samuel asks Lauren if she watched the film about him and knows how powerful he can be.

Heroes Evolutions

On March 5, 1961, Chandra Suresh recorded several videos while at Coyote Sands. In one video, entry number four, he says that he has tried to alert the authorities to the potential dangers in gathering so many evolved humans in one location. He explains that there is a small, yet measurable force that emanates from such people, and when they approximate, the force amplifies exponentially. Chandra likens this amplification to a sort of gravity or magnetism.

In his fifth entry, Chandra begins to explain that further study has defined the force as a variant of something...but his film is interrupted by seismic activity.

In another video, Chandra reports that the abnormal spikes in seismic activity seem to be emanating from a pregnant woman at Coyote Sands. However, as soon as he is about to give her name, another earthquake interrupts him.

Chandra intends to document the birth of the child in his twenty-first (or twenty-second) entry. He reports that there has been an enormous release of seismic activity throughout the day, and explains that he fears something about the child's nature. However, he is once again interrupted by the largest earthquake yet. Simultaneously, the woman gives birth. As the camera falls down and the room is destroyed by the quake, Chandra tries to assure everybody that everything will be okay.

A final video shows the details of Dr. Suresh's calculations on the blackboard in his room. The calculations focus on physics, mathematics, a few diagrams, and notes about seismic activity. One diagram includes what appear to be plans for a crude compass.


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