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Probability computation

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Probability computation
Kaito's ability.jpg
Kaito computes probabilities when reading a newspaper.
Held by: Kaito Nakamura (deceased)
Ability to: See the variables of any situation and predict the outcome

Probability computation is the ability to easily figure out probabilities in a given situation. The user of this ability can see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome.



Kaito says he can "see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome." He claims he is faster than a computer and attributes his success in the stock market to this ability. He is literally able to see words and numbers come together on a newspaper page until he makes sense of the probabilities. Kaito also claimed he was certain that Hiro, who at the time was in a completely different era, would return.

He can also use this ability to predict dangerous situations at a moment's notice. It's not clear if this aspect of his ability is always active or if he has to focus to use it.



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