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New York Chronicle

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New York Chronicle
The New York Chronicle shows Nathan Petrelli's victory.

First mentioned: Don't Look Back
Current status: in circulation

The NYPD detective shows Hiro a copy of the New York Chronicle to prove that the date is November 8. It also shows the results of Nathan Petrelli's campaign. The top of the newspaper reads "Early Edition".

Notable Employees

  • Thomas Hoffarth
  • Travis Jackson
  • Marvin Mancia


Don't Look Back

When Hiro tells the NYPD detective that he believes it's October 2nd, the detective shows him the newspaper to prove it's November 8th.

One Giant Leap

While at Sylar's apartment, Eden and Mohinder see a New York Chronicle newspaper article about Nathan Petrelli and his campaign to be a Congressman.


When Nathan's limo arrives at the Fly By Night diner to pick him up, he asks Hiro if he remembers the outcome of Nathan's campaign. With a little effort, Hiro remembers the newspaper and tells Nathan that he'll win in a "very big win"—a "mudslide".


At his parents' home, Nathan reads the New York Chronicle which reports on his election.

Four Months Later...

Ando delivers a newspaper to Kaito in Kirby Plaza, who then opens it and sees a photo fall out.

Truth & Consequences

Alejandro reads a computer printout of an article from the Chronicle detailing Virginia Gray's murder.

I Am Become Death

Reporter Jim McCann is reported missing, feared dead.

And in a possible future, the lead story is about a man in Sydney, Australia, who causes an earthquake.

Trust and Blood

While Angela speaks with Nathan on the phone, she looks at an article about an "Angola Coup" and a photo of the Hunter.

I Am Sylar

An article from the New York Chronicle hangs on the wall of Nathan's Senate office.

An Invisible Thread

A New York Chronicle article hangs on the wall of Nathan's Senate office.


Peter hangs a New York Chronicle article by Marvin Mencia in his apartment. The article details a crash that involves the MTA, and Peter's actions to save all the passengers. Later, Samuel alters the article by placing ink the article's photograph to make it appear as though he were involved in the accident.

Close to You

Peter shows Emma the New York Chronicle article that Samuel altered about the MTA crash.


  • There was a New York Chronicle published semi-weekly from May 1769 to November 1770.
  • Supposedly, a New York Chronicle was established in 1987 by a retired science teacher named Richard McDermott. It focuses mainly on the study of old taverns in the city.
  • Travis Jackson wrote an article for the New York Chronicle about Gabriel Gray murdering his mother (Truth & Consequences). Travis Jackson was also once a writer for the Costa Verde Telegraph.
  • Marvin Mancia wrote the MTA disaster article that Peter cuts out (Ink). Marvin Mancia was also once a writer for the Miami Bugle.


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