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Rachel St. John's apartment

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Rachel St. John's apartment
Rachel's Apartment.JPG
The Company recaptures several Level 5 escapees in Rachel's apartment.
Location: Chicago, IL
Purpose: Residence

Dennis, Michael and Tina hide in Rachel's apartment in Chicago.

Notable Residents

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Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar, while on a solo mission as a Company agent, performs surveillance on Rachel St. John's apartment, where Dennis, Rachel's boyfriend and a Level 5 escapee is hiding. Sylar sees him looking out from a window, and confirms that he is indeed there.

Later, he enters the apartment to find Rachel as well as the bodies of two Company agents in the kitchen. Rachel begs him for help before being knocked out by chlorine gas. Sylar is confronted by Dennis, Michael Fitzgerald, and Tina Ramierez. Sylar soon learns that the three escapees know and admire him. Dennis asks if Sylar had come to join them. Sylar says no and kills Dennis, only leaving his burning skeleton. He then uses telekinesis to seize the other two escapees. Unable to harm the extra durable Michael, Sylar closes off his windpipe. But before he can kill them, Rachel begs him not to.

A half hour later, Sylar's superior shows up along with a team and the Haitian to return Tina and Michael to Level 5. Dennis's remains are taken out on a stretcher. Sylar's superior then orders for Rachel's memories to be erased.

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