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Abigail and Lee's apartment

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Abigail and Lee's apartment
Abigail and Lee's apartment.jpg
Danko's team attack Lee and Abigail in their home.
Location: London, England
Purpose: Residence

Abigail and Lee lived in an apartment in London until it was destroyed.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

After Elle and Claude passes out in the rain, both are taken to the apartment. Elle is sleeping in a room with a big bed, a painting, a dresser and a dressing table with a lamp on it. There are curtains on the window. Later, Elle is relaxing in a hot tub, which probably is on the apartment, since the only people there were Elle, Abigail and Lee. When Abigail gets in the tub, she gets shocked and starts fighting with Elle, what gets Abigail and Lee against her. She then packs her stuff and leave the apartment.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

In a hall that has the floor covered with black-and-white tiles, next to the stairs and some doors, two agents are shooting at Abigail, who is using her ability as a shield. West and Sparrow get in the apartment, and Sparrow destroys the hall, opening a huge hole that kills the agents. They run upstairs and enter in a room with a big TV and a table with a lamp and a portrait and some rugs on the floor. The walls, roof and floor are in a bad state, with holes and bricks showing. The agents take Lee and Claude tell West and Sparrow to get Abigail out of there. The ceiling was collapsing, being sustained by terrakinesis and forcefields. When the three leave the apartment, the entire building is destroyed.

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