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St. Nicasius Catholic Church

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St. Nicasius Catholic Church
Saint Nicasius.jpg
This painting of Saint Nicasius (with the top of his head missing) hangs in the auditorium of Saint Nicasius's.
Location: Midland, TX
Purpose: Parochial school

Charlie Andrews attends school at St. Nicasius Catholic Church while growing up. She attends Saint Nicasius's for elementary, middle, and high school.

Notable Staff

  • Sister Hilda and other nuns

Notable Students

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

Charlie tells Hiro about going to Saint Nicasius's when she was growing up. She tells him that a giant reproduction of Joos van Cleve's painting Death of the Virgin that hung in the school inspired Charlie to travel. Instead of paying attention to the nuns, she would look at the painting and plan a future trip to Munich. (Chapter 14)

Hiro is turned on by a photo of Charlie in her Catholic school uniform from her sophomore year at Saint Nicasius's. (Chapter 16)

Charlie says that when was in middle school, she used to drive the nuns crazy by begging them to start a 4-H club at Saint Nicasius's. But since none of the other girls were interested in joining, the school said they couldn't have the club. However, Charlie pleaded so much that Sister Hilda finally arranged for Charlie to go horseback riding every Saturday. (Chapter 24)

Charlie's enhanced memory makes her recall negative experiences, like a girl who would tease her on the playground, or having to tell a mean teacher that she hadn't done her homework and knowing she was going to yell. (Chapter 26)

Charlie says that she used to get yearly physicals in high school, which consisted of the nuns taking temperatures and making sure students' spines weren't growing crooked. She also says that the last time she got sick was when she was in January 1998. The school was in the middle of intramural volleyball playoffs, and they became Catholic League District Champions, with Charlie playing outside blocker, despite her illness. (Chapter 32)

Hiro accidentally teleports to 1976 and attends Barbie Travis's funeral at St. Nicasius Catholic Church where Charlie would one day go to school. He notices the large oil painting of Saint Nicasius hanging over the chancel. As the priest recites Mozart's "Requiem", Hiro realizes that the top of Saint Nicasius's head has been severed off. (Chapter 42)

Hiro wonders why his out-of-control time traveling took him to see the painting of St. Nicasius. (Chapter 47)



  • Like many Catholic schools, Saint Nicasius's requires students to wear uniforms. The girls' uniform consisted of a pleated plaid skirt, a navy V-neck sweater over a white blouse with a round Peter Pan collar, and knee socks. (Chapter 16)
  • The church is described as a "grand, sweeping stone church". (Chapter 42)

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