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Portrayed by Chad Faust
First appearance Our Father
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Date of death 2007
Occupation U.S. Marine

Scott was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps recruited by Pinehearst as part of their super soldier program. He was the first recruited marine to become a synthetic evolved human, and received the ability of super strength. Scott was the only recruit to receive the injection as part of the program.

Character History

Our Father

Scott is introduced by Tracy to Nathan Petrelli. He talks about his time as a soldier in the Iraq War, and how most of his men died. Later, he is seated in a chair by Mohinder. As Mohinder approaches him with the perfected formula, Scott struggles because he asks what happened to him when he sees the rashes all over Mohinder's skin. Mohinder replies "a mistake." Scott realizes that it was the formula that did that and starts to struggle, but his efforts are ultimately futile. After taking the injection, his body trembles violently, until he finally breaks free of his cuffs. Nathan asks Scott how he feels, and he responds by ripping out his chair, which was bolted to the ground, and throwing it through the glass window container, pinning it into the brick wall. Scott then smiles and says he feels good.


Tracy sends Scott to check on an unconscious Nathan, who tells him to go and stop Peter from completely destroying the formula. Scott obliges, but Knox enters the office from behind, and twists and breaks Scott's neck, instantly killing him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Scott had the synthetic ability of enhanced strength. He demonstrated his ability by breaking out of his restraints in the Pinehearst laboratory, then throwing his chair at a brick wall with enough force to lodge it in the wall.


  • Scott held the rank of sergeant.
  • Scott had a Southern accent.


  • Chad Faust starred as "Kyle Baldwin" in The 4400, in which he synthetically received a form of clairvoyance similar to a spirit guide.

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Fan Theories

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