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Steel Family Safe Insurance

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Steel Family Safe Insurance
Steel Family Safe Insurance.jpg
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Purpose: Insurance company

Joe Macon works as the CFO of Steel Family Safe Insurance.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

On a Friday night, at his office in his company, Joe Macon is bid goodbye by his secretary. The secretary reminds him not to work too hard, and leaves. Macon smirks and says that it is not his nature to work hard, and proceeds to use his hand to imprint signatures on contracts on his desk that need to be signed. A shadowy figure arrives, and comments that what Macon did there was "nice". When Macon says he doesn't know what Sylar is talking about, Sylar says that he'll "pick his brain".

On Sunday, Noah comes to Pittsburgh and into the insurance company's offices to investigate Sylar's doings. Claire calls him, but he dismisses her suspicions and says that they will talk when he gets back. Noah makes his way to the 6th floor of the offices, only to find Macon dead, and his brain removed. Noah swears.


  • Steel Family Safe Insurance's offices are located on the sixth floor.

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