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Linderman's sports book

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Linderman's sports book
Sports book.JPG
Location: Primm, NV
Purpose: Sports betting

Mr. Linderman operates a sports book for gambling purposes. His sports book becomes the scene of a crime initiated by Jessica Sanders and D.L.'s crew.

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Snapshots

At the Las Vegas Police Department, a detective grills D.L. about a murder/theft at a sports book Primm, NV. The detective shows D.L. crime scene photos, but D.L. swears he had nothing to do with the crimes. D.L. is sent to jail anyway.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

D.L.'s crew and Jessica enter the Mr. Linderman's sports bar with guns blazing. They promise they won't be long. They enter the room with the safe, and Jessica rips off the door of the vault. They take $2 million; on their way out, a member of the crew shoots and kills a guard.


  • The sports book has a lot of Chicago paraphernalia.


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