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Joe Macon

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Joe Macon
Joe Macon.jpg
First appearance Out of Town... On Business
In-story stats
Known ability Imprinting
Date of death 2007
Home Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation Chief Financial Officer of Steel Family Safe Insurance company

Joe Macon was the Chief Financial Officer of the Steel Family Safe Insurance company. He was an evolved human with the ability of imprinting. He was murdered by Sylar.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

On a Friday night, at his office in his company, Macon bids goodbye to his secretary. The secretary reminds him not to work too hard, and leaves. Macon smirks and says that it is not his nature to work hard, and proceeds to use his hand to imprint signatures on contracts on his desk that need to be signed. Sylar arrives, comments on Joe's ability and asks if he insures anybody named Gray. When Joe responds that he can't give out information about his clients, Sylar says that he'll have to "pick his brain" to find out.

On Sunday, Noah comes to the office to investigate, only to find Macon's brain removed.

Evolved Human Abilities

Joe has the ability to mentally imprint things onto surfaces like paper. He has demonstrated this ability once, using it to sign a pile of unsigned contracts. When he used this ability, his hands glowed golden, and the signatures that he was imprinting also glowed golden before turning blue. After using this ability, the signatures that Joe imprinted looked as if they were written in ink.

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