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Theory:Age shifting

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The following fan theories are about Age shifting.

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Theory Citations Notes
Age shifting is related to shape shifting. None + Both abilities allow the user to mimic people who are older or younger than themselves by physically altering the body.
Age shifting allows immortality. None + Age shifters can control their physical age; it seems likely that they could always just make themselves younger.
It isn't known if they just appear to be younger or if they actually become younger.
+ If age shifting didn't change your physical age, then it would be a very poorly named ability.
- Even if it does, cells can't divide indefinitely, at some point it would reach the Hayflick limit. Regenerators apart, people's bodies can't keep on.
The whole point of abilities is that they defy the laws of biology, chemistry and physics.
No, they don't. They are simply part of a different set of biology that results in chemical differences. Their gene allows them to manipulate not defy the laws of physics.
If you manipulate something, then it is not as it should be, ie. you are defying its true nature.

+ Certain organisms (such as hydras) are biologically immortal; they do not experience any degradation due to age. Also, a certain species of jellyfish (which is also biologically immortal) is capable of intentionally reverting to a sexually immature state after reaching adulthood. The Russian's DNA may have possessed similar qualities.

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