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Theory:Agent (super speed)

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The following fan theories are about the agent with super speed.

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Theory Citations Notes
The agent was present at the Presidential memorial ceremony in New York City.
Super speed agent (Walls, Part 1)
Memorial ceremony audience member (Five Years Gone)
+ The agent bears a striking resemblance to this woman.

- It is unlikely that in the Five Years Gone future that an evolved human would have been allowed to stand in the crowd, seeing as they have been shown to be second class citizens. Had this actually been the agent in question, they would have likely been behind the President, if at all.

+ It's possible no one knew she had a power.
+ The agent may be on the President's side, like Matt and the Haitian are. She certainly seemed to be working for them in Walls.
+ The agent, with her super speed, might've been placed in the crowd as security, because they could react to an assassin or problem quickly.

- Just because both characters have similar skin color and hair style does not mean they are necessarily the same person; the likeness is not that strong.

- Plus this person looks like a little kid. Is it a child actor? The agent in the comic seems at least somewhere in her late 20s to 30s.
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