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Super speed

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Super speed
Daphne runs fast, very fast!
Originally held by: Daphne Millbrook (deceased),
Agent (explosion future),
"Angry Old Man" (deceased),
Speedster trainee
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli (lost),
Peter Petrelli (explosion future)
Ability to: Move faster than is possible for a normal human
Examples of super speed

Super speed is the ability to move faster than would normally be possible for a human being. Users of this ability can think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. They can easily dodge multiple bullets shot at point blank range and move far in excess of supersonic speeds; their stamina is also greatly increased.






Future agent

The female team member from the future can move at superhuman speed, but just how much faster she can move than a normal person is not known. When running at high speed, she can use her momentum to run on a wall several feet from the ground. With the help of another agent, her high-speed attacks kept Future Peter too stunned to fight back. It is unknown whether or not the agent, like Daphne, can bypass the effects of time-stopping.

Future Peter

Peter from the future where New York exploded absorbed this ability from an agent, allowing him to match her speed (Walls, Part 2). Peter was already immune to the effects of time-stopping before mimicking her ability.

Daphne Millbrook

Daphne has the ability to run at superhuman speeds. She can zip around the world in very little time; She has visited Tokyo, Paris, and New York City faster than is humanly possible. Daphne's speed does not only manifest itself in her feet, but also in her hands. Indeed, she often uses her speed to steal objects of great worth, and has found that her swiftness makes her a formidable fighter, despite her lack of natural talent in defeating others. Daphne can run so fast that she is even able to leap between buildings. Daphne is apparently immune to potentially harmful side-effects of moving at super speed, such as damage from air friction. She suffers no joint or muscle damage from her high-speed movements, and she apparently feels little or no fatigue even after running intercontinental distances at superhuman speed.

Daphne's ability also allows her to move at normal speed when time is drastically slowed, as was demonstrated in her first encounter with Hiro Nakamura. Though she was initially frozen in time when exposed to his ability while running, she was able to "catch up" to it and move normally, even while everyone else was frozen (The Second Coming). However, when not moving at superhuman speed, she isn't immune to time-stopping effects (Dying of the Light).

Daphne seems to be constantly faster than any person. She tells Matt that seconds feel like hours for her, which is how she sensed his pause (The Eclipse, Part 1).

Daphne has cerebral palsy, which would normally require her to walk with crutches (The Eclipse, Part 2), but her ability somehow negates the symptoms (The Caged Bird, Part 1).

Daphne can extend her ability to at least two other people, allowing them to move with her at superhuman speed without harm (Our Father).

When Daphne's ability is amplified by Ando, she is able to travel through time when running (Dual); Matt believes this is because Ando's supercharge allows her to move faster than light.

Daphne also stated that she can run on anything but air and in space (Cold Snap).

Peter Petrelli

Peter has absorbed this ability and was able to use a quick burst of speed to knock Future Claire out before she could react. He was also able to block Future Daphne from attacking him, causing them to crash through a door, but was not adept enough to defend against her repeated high-speed attacks. (I Am Become Death)

After acquiring this ability from Edgar, Peter saw him moving in slow motion and was able to move fast enough to best Edgar in combat, and later travel across New York almost instantly. He showed considerably more control over it than when he got it from Future Daphne as he was unable to best her in a super speed battle (Jump, Push, Fall). Peter began using it to save people's lives in his job and was able to save a bunch of people from a bus crash (Ink). He was also able to use it to visit Noah Bennet in Washington, DC, and be back in time for work ten minutes later (Acceptance). He later accidentally discards it in favor of enhanced synesthesia after saving Emma Coolidge from an oncoming bus. (Hysterical Blindness)


Edgar's ability is not limited to locomotive speed. He was able to move his arms fast enough to repeatedly slash and kill Danko before Danko could move to defend himself (Orientation). In a fight with Peter, he was able to move all parts of his body super fast. (Jump, Push, Fall). When Hiro froze time together with Edgar, he was able to run extremely fast even while time was stopped (Thanksgiving). It is unknown if he would be able to do the same had Hiro not extended his ability to include him, as Daphne did. Noah notes that Edgar must run at 600 or 700 miles per hour (Let It Bleed).

"Angry Old Man"

The old man only demonstrated his ability once, when he sped around a room to dodge Joanne's bullets. Unfortunately, by predicting his movements, Joanne was able to shoot him in the side, causing him to crash into a door and die.

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  • For the ability to rapidly detect all possible courses of action and perform them at superhuman speed, see accelerated probability.

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