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Theory:Alejandro Herrera

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The following fan theories are about Alejandro Herrera.

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Theory Citations Notes
Alejandro and Maya's father is the hispanic gentleman in the Group of Twelve. None + There is an hispanic gentleman pictured. They currently have no ties to any other characters (except Sylar). It is likely that there is a connection such as this to the larger ensemble.

- The man's name is Carlos Mendez, as discovered in Cautionary Tales, so he is more likely Isaac's father than the Herrera's.

- He has been confirmed to be Isaac's father.
Alejandro understood enough English to know what Sylar said to him in The Line. None + If Maya knows English, it's not so unlikely that her twin brother, who goes everywhere with her, understood at least some English.

+ Alejandro seemed far too attentive for someone who did not understand what was being said - he looked like he understood every word.
- If Alejandro understood what Sylar was saying, he would have warned his sister. He was very protective of her. It is more likely that Alejandro's attention was caught by non-verbal cues of Sylar's (eye contact, menace in voice, fake smile, etc.), rather than his words, and it is on that basis that he does not trust him.
+ Alejandro spoke some English to Sylar. (Truth & Consequences)

Alejandro could read English. None + Alejandro shows Maya the english newspaper article about Sylar. (Truth & Consequences)

- He probaby would have said something when Sylar told him he was going to kill both him and Maya. (The Line)

+ Reading a language and understanding spoken language are two seperate skills. He may be able to translate written English because of similarities between the two languages.

+ One needn't be able to speak/understand the spoken form of a language in order to read it. Within some areas of Central/South America, ESL is taught in the "Grammar Translation Method," which emphasizes the written form and translation over speaking and social comprehension.
- Alejandro may have noticed the word "murder" written in the article. Such key words are enough without being able to actually read the language, much like "homicidio" in a Spanish newspaper.

Alejandro's ability was power negation. None + Alejandro is unaffected by Maya's ability.

+ Alejandro is able to reverse the effects of Maya's ability.
- If this was the case, then Maya would not be able to use her ability in the first place.

+ Maybe he has a form of ability negation that, instead of actually blocking the usage of powers, allows him to reverse the effects of abilities as well as being immune to them.
Sylar attempted to take Alejandro's ability, but because of the Shanti virus, he wasn't able to. None + The top of his head was never seen, so it's a possibility.

+ He was shirtless because it might have had a lot of blood on it during the brain removal.

- This is more likely to be so that his story about being in the shower fits.
- The blood could be from Alejandro's stab wound.

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