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Theory:Amanda's father

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The following fan theories are about Amanda's father.

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Theory Citations Notes
Trevor Zeitlan is Amanda's father. None + Trevor resembles Amanda's father.

+ Trevor is arrogant and the kind of man who tries to impress people like Elle.
+ Trevor is the right age to be Amanda's father.

- Lydia got pregnant fifteen years ago. Trevor appears to be too young.
+ Trevor is said to be up to 30 when he died in 2006. That makes him about 18 when Amanda would be born if she is 15. So he could be old enough.

+ Trevor's ability is somewhat similar to Amanda's.

Gordon Hovey is Amanda's father. None + Gordon is a highly religious person. Maybe because he is a defrocked priest.

+ He appears to be old enough to be Amanda's father.

So do many other characters.

+ He is an evolved human.

This isn't required to father an evolved child.

+ Lydia might have sensed that he may have thought of becoming a priest with a Christian denomination that allows marriage. A child might have made this impossible to achieve due to the time spent on raising the child, instead of studying for the seminary.

- Gordon doesn't seem like the kind of man who would leave the Catholic Church.
+ Gordon might have never been Catholic, because Catholics pray in Latin.
- Not all Catholics, praying in Latin hasn't been mandatory in decades. Nowadays Catholics usually pray in their maternal idiom.
+ Gordon being her father might be the vehicle to introduce the character to the episodes.
Melvin Crum is Amanda's father. None + Melvin Crum was an adult when Amanda was born.
So are many other characters.

+ Lydia cried when she felt he died.

- Lydia may have been upset for Arnold's sake.

+ Lydia ran away with Amanda's father. She may have never met his father.
+ Arnold slightly resembles Amanda's father.

We will never find out who Amanda's father is. None + Adam's last wife; Caitlin's fate; Sylar's mother. All unsolved mysteries. With Lydia dead, it's unlikely anyone else knows who he is.

+ He didn't come to claim his daughter after Lydia left Amanda to her sister's.
- Perhaps Amanda is looking for her father presently, and that is why she was not shown mourning Lydia's death.

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