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Gordon Hovey

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Gordon Hovey
Gordon Hovey.jpg
First appearance Exodus
In-story stats
Known ability Granulation

Gordon Hovey is an evolved human with the ability to turn things into sand.

Character History

Our Father

Sylar kills Elle and takes her phone. When he looks through the list of contacts, he sees Gordon's name.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

Gordon is under sedation at Building 26 when Rachel teleports into the room and frees him along with Eric Doyle and Mary Krause. Gordon then turns an agent into sand using his ability. Rachel then teleports Gordon and Eric to the roof of building 26 where Eric hides behind Gordon as his ability turns the bullets into sand before they hit him. While they are being shot at by a helicopter, Rachel teleports into the helicopter and the three of them make their escape, when they land on a field Gordon starts praying.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Gordon is sedated with a tube in his nose at Building 26 when Rachel teleports into the room and removes it, waking him up and a man and woman next to him. Then, alarms go off and he sees two armed agents charge into the room firing. Some of the bullets head towards Gordon, but turn into harmless sand as they are hitting him. Gordon grabs an agent's shoulder, says "dust to dust", and disintegrates him into chunks of sand. He then asks the Lord for forgiveness.

When Rachel grabs Gordon by the arm, he asks about the other prisoners. However, Rachel comments that other agents are on the way and begins teleporting Gordon and the other man with her through the building. When they arrive at the roof, Gordon is again shot at by two agents in an airborne helicopter. However, Rachel teleports up to the helicopter, shoves the agents that are firing out the door, and gets the pilot to pick both Gordon and the other fugitive and fly them out of there.

The helicopter touches down in a dew-covered field at sunrise, and Gordon stays close by and prays while Rachel and the other fugitive go for a walk. A short while later, Rachel rushes back towards the helicopter, shouting for Gordon to untie the pilot.

Evolved Human Abilities

Gordon has the ability to turn others into sand. He has demonstrated killing power with this ability, turning an agent completely into sand. When threatened by bullets, he was able to be immune to them by turning them into sand when they touched him.


  • Gordon appears to be very religious.
  • Gordon prays the Our Father incorrectly. His version goes "And He forgives those..." but the prayer actually says "As we forgive those..."

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