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Theory:Amanda Strazzulla

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The following fan theories are about Amanda Strazzulla.

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Theory Citations Notes
Amanda and Claire will clash. None + Amanda got along with Sylar, Claire hates him for killing numerous close relations of hers.
- Sylar has left the carnival.
+ Amanda may be angry with Claire for revealing the truth about specials.
- Amanda got along with the memory-wiped Sylar. Whether she'd be so cordial to the real Sylar is unknown.
Amanda and Claire are related. None + Peter is speculated to be Amanda's father.
- Amanda's father is also speculated to be Gordon Hovey or Trevor Zeitlan.

+ Meredith had an arc during Amanda's initial appearance.

- There is no relation between Claire and West but she was there when he was first introduced.

+ Amanda's power is similar to Flint's, implying a possible family link.

- Bianca Karina has no link to Alex despite similar powers.

- Amanda's father is too old and has too much hair to be Peter or Flint.

He would be as old as Lydia.
Hair can be cut.

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