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The following fan theories are about Arnold.

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Theory Citations Notes
Arnold's ability wasn't space-time manipulation, but just travel in time. None + He was never seen to stop time or teleport.

+ In Orientation, Samuel asks Arnold if he could "do [his] little trick one last time for [him]", and Arnold asks, "How long ago?" as if he only could time travel.
- If this were true then Arnold would have to travel from Eastern Europe to America before traveling back to Coyote Sands.

+ He may be able to travel to a different location only when time traveling. This concept is used in all shows which involve time travel.
Arnold didn't hide Charlie where Samuel told him to, he chose a different place and time. Arnold told Samuel, "No one deserves a fate like that...", implying that Charlie's destination is supposed to be dangerous. + Arnold wasn't a bad person, he could hide Charlie some place safe, so Hiro could find her.
Arnold's tumor was based on the fact he was 80 year old. None + Tumors become more common as you age. 32 year old Arnold traveled back 48 years to 1961. Health problems come from being old.
- Arnold began having headaches before he traveled to Coyote Sands.
- Arthur was old when he acquired space-time manipulation.

+ Arthur was only about 70 when he died. Arnold is between 8-11 years older.
+ Neither Peter nor Arthur Petrelli developed a brain tumor when they acquired space-time manipulation.

- Peter and Arthur Petrelli wouldn't have contracted a brain tumor from space-time manipulation because they both had rapid cell regeneration and that would have prevented any tumor from occurring.
+ Noah stated that regenerative blood doesn't stop tumors, it only makes them grow bigger.
Only when there's already a tumor, but rapid cell regeneration may prevent it.

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