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Theory:Audrey Hanson

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The following fan theories are about Audrey Hanson.

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Theory Citations Notes
Audrey will be killed by Sylar at some point. None + Audrey and Sylar have had an antagonistic relationship since the summer of 2006. Sylar led her on a dangerous trek through Chicago many months ago.
Audrey will become Matt's love interest at some point. Audrey thinks that Matt is cute. (Fallout) + Matt has now split up from his wife.
- They appear to have been reunited.

- All she knows is his home is in Los Angeles, she doesn't know that he no longer lives there.

Audrey will never be seen again. None + She has not been seen for several volumes.

+ The show has yet to bring back characters after so long a break.

Both Mohinder's landlord and Mira did not appear since Volume 1 until Volume 4 and Volume 5 retrospectively. They were less important characters than Audrey who was more involved in the plot.

+ Seeing that the actress herself is a B list movie star, it is unlikely she will reappear.

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