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Theory:Aura absorption

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The following fan theories are about Aura absorption.

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Theory Citations Notes
Aura absorption allows the user to see and absorb bioelectric fields. None + Many organisms produce electromagnetic fields, and almost all bodily systems require electricity to function. Absorbing all of the bioelectricity in an organism would cause all of its organs to instantly shut down, killing the victim.
+ Sharks possess specialized sensory structures known as the Ampullae of Lorenzini, which allow them to detect bioelectric fields.

+ In Moonlight Serenade, Linda Tavara said that when she absorbed another person's aura, "[she] could feel everything; their hopes, their dreams for the future, while they felt nothing at all. Their spark was mine now". She could have been picking up data from the bioelectricity leached from the victim's brain.

+ Leaching bioelectric energy from an evolved human's brain could have allowed Linda to instinctively comprehend their ability in a way similar to Sylar's intuitive aptitude.
Arthur's Ability Absorption is actually a somewhat limited form of Aura Absorption. None + Everyone who Arthur uses his powers on appeared to be in excrutiating pain while he stole their powers and extremely exhausted when he was done, implying that he absorbed some of their life force along with their powers. - This could also imply that the ability absorption process is just extremely painful. + Both powers have almost identical uses and conditions, both can absorb powers, produce a blue glow, and require physical contact. - With the exception of Adam Monroe, everyone has survived Arthur's powers and with the exception of Daniel Linderman, everyone has died from Linda's powers.
Aura absorption causes a hunger similar to Intuitive aptitude. None + Linda appears to be addicted to absorbing people's auras.

- Just because she's addicted to using her powers to kill people doesn't mean her powers are to blame. She could just have a sadistic personality, similar to how Sylar loved to kill people even when his powers were suppressed.

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