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Aura absorption

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Aura absorption
Linda's hand glows blue as she uses her power on Ida May Walker.
Held by: Linda Tavara (deceased)
Ability to: See auras and take the lives and abilities of others

Aura absorption is the ability perceive the aura of others, and to absorb that aura. Absorbing the auras of evolved humans has been shown to allow the user to manifest their ability.



Linda can see the "auras" of people and animals around her. The exact nature of the auras is unclear, though Linda sees the auras as light surrounding the individual. "It's like each person holds a star beneath their skin, each one begging to escape" (Moonlight Serenade). Linda described the light of animals as "tiny auras". It is unknown if she constantly sees the auras of living things or if there is an "off switch". According to Linda, Ida May Walker's aura was unusually bright. It is unclear if this is a property of all evolved humans.

Part of Linda's ability also allows her to actually take the aura of others. This leaves the bodies of her victims withered. If her victim is an evolved human, she also takes their ability. After taking Ida May Walker's aura (and leaving Ida dead), Linda actually possessed Ida May's ability.

Taking auras requires close proximity and physical contact. In every visible instance of Linda's aura theft, she has touched her victims with two hands. Linda described the sensations associated with taking auras: "The heat traveled up my fingers and into my chest, filling me with white, loving light." She also said, "I could feel everything, their hopes, their dreams for the future, while they no longer felt anything at all. Their spark belonged to me now." (Moonlight Serenade)


Memorable Quotes

"Just like she said. After I steal his one will be able to stop me."

- Linda Tavara (War Buddies, Part 7)

"Now I could see Ida's angels as well."

- Linda Tavara (Moonlight Serenade)


  • In a forum post, Robert Atkins said, "Linda drains the life force from those she touches when using her powers. somewhat like Rogue in X-Men, when used on normal people it kills them and give her a 'boost'...When draining someone's lifeforce that has power, she would notice when draining the power."
  • The script for Bounty Hunter and the script for Moonlight Serenade both specify that Linda is to grab her victims with both hands.
  • In an interview, writer R.D. Hall elaborated on Linda's ability. He said, "Her power is two-fold. She can see these auras, since if that's what you hunger for you have to be able to see it. And you have to be able to see quality, that this is better than this."

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