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Theory:Becky Taylor

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The following fan theories are about Becky Taylor.

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Theory Citations Notes
Claire isn't the first person Rebecca tried to recruit to the carnival. None + As a pledgemaster, Rebecca knows a few things on recruiting.
Rebecca is a sociopath. None + She almost gleefully recounted the murder of Annie, and feels no guilt over destroying another's life in order to lure them into Samuel's camp.

- Seeing how ordinary humans treat specials, maybe she is simply proud of doing her duty of protecting her own kind and in her own mind Claire.

+ If she felt pride over murdering a defenseless girl and then working to destroy another person's life, then she would be severely deranged. It is more likely that she simply feels no guilt or remorse for her actions - trademark characteristics of a sociopath.
Becky's sorority is a cover group for the carnival. None + Sororities and fraternities are infamous for their hazing tactics. It would be laughably easy to use them to help turn 'specials' away from humans and towards the carnival.
- Sandra was a member of Psi Alpha Chi. She has no known powers.
If Psi Alpha Chi only admitted evolved humans, they would have almost no members. Admitting normal people would allow the sorority to become popular enough for joining to be desirable for potential recruits.

+ Rebecca Taylor is the leader of the sorority. It seems unlikely that Samuel (or anyone, for that matter) would throw together an entire sorority just to 'recruit' Claire.
+ If the core members of the sorority are evolved humans, then evolved human members could be slowly drawn into that 'special club', indoctrinating them in Samuel's views while simultaneously creating a certain distance between the new recruit and meddlesome humans.
- The sorority was found in 1924, but Samuel is no more than 48 at most. For this theory to be true, the Carnival would have to have existed 30 years before Samuel and Joseph were born.

+ The carnival has Arnold, and could have tweaked history to their advantage in crucial moments.
- Joseph expressed reluctance to send Arnold to Coyote Sands. He wouldn't have allowed him to go to 1924 if he wants less evolved humans around his brother.
Also, Samuel could have subverted a sorority which already existed.

Many evolved humans develop their abilities at or around college age. This is correspondingly the time in which they are most vulnerable to influence.

Becky is the evolved human that Claude is/was hiding from the Company. None + It's possible that Claude was Noah's partner during the failed bagging and tagging of Mr. Taylor.
+ Becky used her ability to hide from Noah. However, as demonstrated by Peter, evolved humans with the ability of invisibility are unable to hide from others with that ability.

+ Claude may have felt sympathy for Becky due to the loss of her father and may have decided that she deserved not to be taken in by the Company.

- Rebecca has a deep-seated distrust of anyone related to the Company in any way, shape, or form. She would never trust Claude as long as he was with the Company.
+ Claude may not have told her about the Company, or that he worked with the man who killed her father.
+ Claude's inclination not to harm evolved humans didn't just appear, he tried to let The Russian get away. Also, Noah was ordered to shoot Claude because the Company thought Claude was hiding someone. Claude went off the radar after the Company thought he was dead, so he could have returned to take care of Becky, him leaving the Company would be proof that he's not like them.
- Rebecca Taylor is a sociopathic monster who has no problem with cold-blooded murder. If Claude had any sense (which he definitely does) he would stay as far from her as possible.
+ He could have chosen to take care of her precisely because of that, he would keep an eye on her, making sure that she is protected from others and that others are protected from her. She wouldn't be able to hide from him, he could see her while she was invisible.
+ Becky was a five-years old girl when her father was killed, there's no way she could harm Claude, a trained Company agent, when she was that young.

- If Claude got anywhere near the carnival, Samuel would immediately have begun 'recruiting' him.

+ Samuel only recently took over the Carnival, prior to that, Joseph was in charge, and from what it was seen in The Painted Lady he seemed far more understanding, he wouldn't force Claude to join, even he if wanted him to.

- If Claude had got in contact with Rebecca, he would have realized what a bad influence Samuel was and required her to leave the Carnival in order to receive psychiatric help.

+ Samuel wasn't in charge until recently, Claude could have considered Joseph capable of keeping both Becky and Samuel's instincts at bay.
- If Joseph knew how messed-up Becky was, he probably would have tried to get psychiatric help for her. It is possible that she joined after Joseph's demise.
+ From what Samuel says, the carnival has always been a safe place for evolved humans, since Joseph was in charge. If Joseph was also weary of normal humans, he wouldn't have taken Becky, he would try to guide her himself, or have a member of the carnival with a mental related ability to help her.
Like Damian.
Becky will become involved romantically with West. None + This could be a way for Micah to keep tabs on the Carnival.

+ They both have grudges against Noah.
+ They have both formerly been pseudo friends with Claire. They may as immature teenagers choose to get together to spite her.
+ West might date her after hearing Claire is with Gretchen.
- West may be with Sparrow at the moment.

Becky will die. None + She crossed Noah by hurting Claire.

+ Claire temporarily killed Sylar for attacking everyone of her family. Becky tried to kill Noah and Claire's girlfriend, so Claire may seek revenge on her.

- Claire never intended to kill anyone other than Sylar.
+ Tracy froze her.
Becky is the sister of Zane Taylor. None. + Both have the surname Taylor.

+ Both are evolved humans.

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