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Theory:Bo LoFontaine

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The following fan theories are about Bo LoFontaine.

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Theory Citations Notes
Bo LoFontaine's magnetism is less powerful than the German's, but is more versatile. None + Bo managed to play several instruments skillfully at once. The German never exhibited such fine-tuned control. However, the German's power was far more powerful, capable of tearing metal reinforcements out of concrete.
The German was not a very musical person. He simply may not have tried to play several instruments simultaneously with his ability.

- The German was skillful enough to stop several bullets in the air, and then redirect them at a target.

+ Bo LoFontaine has used his ability to produce highly exacting changes in the shapes of multiple instruments to alter the sounds they make while simultaneously playing a trumpet. The German's control was impressive, but Bo's concerts are on a much higher scale in terms of fine-tuned control.

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