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Powers Magnetism.JPG
The German emits an electromagnetic pulse.
Held by: The German (deceased),
Magnetism terrorist,
Bo LoFontaine
Ability to: Manipulate ferrous objects and materials
Examples of magnetism

Magnetism is the ability to manipulate ferrous objects and materials.





The German

The German's assignment tracker entry displays a diagram indicating his magnetic ability stretches outwards from his head to feet, much like the dipoles of a magnetic field.

Two split images supplied by evsdropr do not show the German's face, but claim to show his ability at work: one image is of his ability applied to the controls of an elevator and the other example appears to be either on a phone booth or entrance. It is unknown exactly what effect the ability had, but in both demonstrations it did create a ripple-like visual distortion in the air similar to one created when a stone is dropped in a pool of water. In the two examples, the ripple emanates from the palm of his hand; different hands are used for each example.

At a Berlin bank, the German uses his ability to squeeze an employee through the metal bars of a teller window (Berlin, Part 1). Later, the German uses his ability to bend the metal support bars of a bed and use them to clamp Gael Cruz to a wall. He is also able to redirect dozens of bullets, which are commonly made with copper and lead, in mid-air after shooting them from an automatic pistol (Berlin, Part 2).

In a voicemail, Ahlrich Dekker describes the German's power as low-grade electromagnetic pulses, with surges coming about 80 a minute. He says the waves are shaped like heartbeats. Further, Dekker says that the EMP was degrading everything for nine city blocks.

Magnetism terrorist

In a possible future, a terrorist possessed this ability. He used it to successfully disarm a Future Claire Bennet by magnetically taking her guns away. It is unknown whether this ability was natural or synthetic as were most abilities in that timeline.

Bo LoFontaine

Bo can play multiple instruments at once using his ability, which he calls "magnétisme". He does this by bending the metal of the instruments in the slightest ways (Chapter 1 of Slow Burn). Bo also idly twirls and bends a small steel spoon in the space above his hand, and then makes it magnetically "float" into his pocket (Chapter 3 of Slow Burn). In chapter 10 of Slow Burn, Bo is shown to be able to use his ability offensively. He sends a sheet of metal flying at The Watcher, which wraps around him and binds him in place. Bo also seems to have a link to the metal he controls as he claimed that he could feel the vibrations on the metal caused by The Watcher.

Selected Examples

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  • For the similar power of creating and directing electrical arcs as well as levitating using electromagnetic repulsion, see electric manipulation.

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