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The following fan theories are about Catalyst.

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Theory Citations Notes
The catalyst is only needed if the DNA of a person is not capable of supporting the ability genes. None. + Nathan was said to be a synthetic evolved human, but because of his lineage, he could support the change and may not of needed the catalyst.

- There's nothing that suggests that the formula used on Nathan lacked the catalyst.

The catalyst is a form of the healing ability which can cure the genetic abnormalities caused by giving the formula to a normal person with no family history. None. Mohinder mutated into a monster without the catalyst.

+ Since Arthur was able to remove the catalyst from Hiro along with his ability, it could be an ability.
It could be something that acts like an ability, without being an ability.

The catalyst was created through an as of yet unseen ability belonging to one of the twelve, possibly Victoria Pratt. None. + Victoria Pratt was able to create (presumably) at least 138 different strains of the Shanti Virus, and it is heavily implied that as one of the twelve, she has an ability. Biological manipulation could account for how she was able to manage this, as well as how she could create a catalyst to perfect the formula.

That doesn't explain how the catalyst passed to Ishi.

+ It could an aspect of the unseen ability.
The Catalyst is still latent in Hiro and can be reactivated. None. + Hiro's ability was partially restored by Matt Parkman, Jr. after it had been taken by Arthur.
- That's probably because Arthur couldn't literally rip Hiro's genes out. The Catalyst, however, wasn't as inseparable.
+ The fact that Hiro's power could be restored (albeit partially) means that Arthur can't completely remove something, be it an ability or the Catalyst, so traces of the catalyst could still exist in Hiro. Also, even though this could just be a coincidence, the "light" was very strong when Ishi gave it to Hiro, but not quite as strong when Arthur stole it. This could be for many reasons, perhaps because it was being stolen even, but it could be that Arthur could only take a fraction of the Catalyst, not all of it, which could suggest that Hiro still has the Catalyst and that he just thinks he doesn't.
- An apparent change in the light doesn't mean it takes more or less of something. There is no evidence that the Catalyst is something which can be separated, or diluted, or anything along those lines.
Hiro's ability was completely restored, it just didn't function properly because Hiro started doing something he wasn't supposed to, that being taking someone to his perspective in frozen time.
The Catalyst is actually the corona of a Solar Eclipse, captured by someone with photokinesis. A lot of peoples' abilities first manifested after an eclipse. The Catalyst is referred to as the "light". + Photokinesis could be Kaito's ability, which would explain why the Catalyst went to Ishi instead of someone else.
The catalyst was created by an ability. Mohinder states that the catalyst would be something that cannot be created. + Mohinder may have meant that the catalyst was something that could not normally be made. Abilities are not normal.

It is possible that the 'catalyst' is a side effect created in an evolved human whose ability is manifested forcibly by another evolved human, such as the use of activation and deactivation.

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