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Theory:Charles Deveaux

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The following fan theories are about Charles Deveaux.

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Theory Citations Notes
Charles was the father of D.L. Hawkins and grandfather to Micah Sanders. None + The lives of D.L. and Niki were supposedly manipulated by Linderman in the hopes of arranging Micah's birth. Charles has presumably known Linderman for decades and may be a willing participant in the breeding of evolved humans.

+ D.L.'s father is unknown and Simone's mother is unknown.
Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura were also participants in the conspiracy and had super powered offspring.
- Just because D.L. and Deveaux are both black, doesn't mean they're related. That would be like saying that Niki is also Linderman's daughter. That theory is just as liable.

+ We don't know D.L.'s and since everyone seems connected on the series, it is plausible.
- We do know that D.L. grew up as one of those "troubled kids on the streets" (in Landslide, we see D.L.'s old mugshots, saved in Linderman's dossier on him). Thus, D.L. is most likely not a Deveaux, seeing as Simone Deveaux enjoyed a much more privileged upbringing.
+ Claire is Nathan's illegitimate child, he never knew about her until Meredith called.
Arthur Petrelli stole Charles' ability. Charles displayed telepathy in 1961 but not once in all of season 1.
Arthur stole telepathy from someone.
- In season 1, he still knew Peter was there when no-one else did-perhaps by reading his mind. Also, he said something about being able to see love in him, or something like that.
+ Charles seems very determined to protect those with powers, and with the existence of a formula he would lose nothing and the company would become stronger.

+ The sound effect used for when Charles uses telepathy is the same sound effect for when Arthur uses telepathy.

- This is the same sound effect for when Maury and Matt use their telepathy, as well.
+ Maury and Matt never lost their powers.

+ If Charles had his ability in Season 1, Peter would have absorbed it similar to how he absorbed his mother's precognitive dreaming.
He may have gotten the power, leading to the feedback when he met Matt.

- The feedback happened cause both read each other's minds at the same time, Peter and Matt have used telepathy together and feedback didn't happen.

It is possible that Arthur absorbed the power through empathy, either from Maury or Charles, allowing Charles to retain the ability up to his death.

- Arthur can't absorb abilities through empathy.
+ No, but BTE confirmed he can choose whether or not to strip someone of their power while copying.
- He could do that only after getting Peter's ability, he could choose to acquire an ability with his own ability or with his son's. That's what BTE said.

+ Having two members who were only telepaths in the Company doesn't make sense.

- By that logic, Arthur wouldn't need anyone else.
- Seeing as abilities are random, the Company could have been made entirely of telepaths if they met each other.
Charles is present in Peter's mind. Peter dreamed of Charles shortly after he died. + He could be using telepathy to mentally visit Peter in his dreams.

- It is unknown if he still had his ability at that time.
+ Usutu appeared to Matt after his death.

Charles could use his telepathy to access precognition like Matt Parkman can. None + Simone tells Peter that when Charles awoke from his coma, he had a dream where he was flying and saw the world in pain (Nothing to Hide). This seems to reflect the future that was supposed to have occurred in that time line.

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