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The following fan theories are about chilaquiles.

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Theory Citations Notes
Chilaquiles signify a death omen for those who prepare and/or serve them.
None + Charlie Andrews is murdered by Sylar after serving chilaquiles to Hiro at the Burnt Toast Diner.

+ In the Explosion Future, Claire Bennet is murdered by Sylar. Claire had served a chilaquiles platter at the Burnt Toast Diner earlier that day.

Not even waffles could save Claire.
- The "present" Claire Bennet survived Sylar's attack; perhaps Future Claire did also.
+ If Sylar removed Claire's brain completely, she would not have been able to regenerate. Remember, he wanted to "eliminate the competition".
- Why couldn't she regenerate? Who says a new skull, head, body etc. would not reform around her brain? After all, Sylar did say she was unkillable. She even survived at pre-toddler age. Looks like the waffles win out after all.
+ The writers have said that decapitation would kill Claire.
+ They also said Claire isn't unkillable in fact ("Sylar was just f**king with Claire").

+ Maya Herrera prepares chilaquiles for Sylar and Mohinder Suresh. Later, Sylar shoots her dead, but Mohinder saves her by injecting her with Claire's blood.

Chilaquiles are not actually an omen of a character's death, but physically cause it. None + Many characters have died or been mortally wounded only to narrowly escape the jaws of death after serving or making chilaquiles.
- Maya and who else?
+ And Charlie.
+ And future Claire.

+ Chilaquiles are high in saturated fat and have been known to increase blood cholesterol.

- Trans fats are more harmful than saturated fats.
+ Chilaquiles probably have lots of trans fat too (depending on they're prepared).

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