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Theory:Emma Coolidge

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The following fan theories are about Emma Coolidge.

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Theory Citations Notes
Emma will become romantically involved with Peter Petrelli. Peter and Emma continuously meet and have shared beautiful sights of Emma's power together. + Emma and Peter have a typical fairy-tale romance story.
+ Tim Kring made a statement in a newsletter over the summer that Peter would make a "romantic connection" with a "fascinating new "powerful" woman." As Emma is the only new female character Peter has interacted with halfway through the season, it's safe to assume that Emma is this woman.
- Deanne Bray, the actress who plays Emma, has said that the relationship between Peter and Emma will be strictly platonic.
Emma is the one who will cause the earth to split into two. She made her apartment's wall crack by playing the cello. + If Ando were to accidentally amplify Emma's power, she might end up splitting the earth into two by accident.

- The planet splitting in half was said by writers to be the result of someone who caused earthquakes and someone with red lightning.

- When Emma plays the cello in Hysterical Blindness, the destructive sound that cracked her wall was shown as red light. Red lightning not necessarily means Ability supercharging, so she could be the one the writers were reffering to.

+ As of Upon This Rock, Emma has allied with Samuel. Both destructive abilities can be used in conjunction.
+ Angela has a dream where Emma is playing her cello while people outside the house of mirrors are screaming. It is not actually shown, but Emma's power could be enhancing Samuel's power, causing the earth to split in two.

- Nothing suggests her ability can affect the ability of others.
With her ability, Emma will be able to soon hear sounds. None + When frozen in time, she touched a color wave and heard the sound.
- She didn't hear the sound, she just noticed it was sound.

- Synesthesia has been defined as "crossing senses" on the show. Hearing sound would be the opposite of synesthesia.

+ Synesthetes can also still hear sound even when they can see it.
- Not if they're deaf.

- The actress playing Emma is 100% deaf in one ear and 80% deaf in the other. It would be very difficult for her to pretend to hear sounds convincingly.

Deanne Bray may be up to the challenge however.
Emma will die soon. Women in Refrigerators + Peter loses all romantic interests by the end of each season.
- Emma is still alive at the end of the season, and Peter appears to be with Emma.

+ Almost every other non main female character under 40 has died.

- This doesn't mean that Emma will.

+ Samuel could try to kill her if he escapes.

- Samuel is in CIA custody and will have a hard time getting to Emma, especially since his power has been drained.

+ Claire's actions could cause another Building 26, and Emma was almost forced to kill thousands of people. Her chance of survival are slim.

- Emma wasn't forced to kill, she was forced to create circumstances in which thousands would be killed.
+ Tracy didn't intentionally try to kill the reporter, but was still branded a criminal and sent to Building 26.

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