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Theory:Empathic manipulation

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The following fan theories are about Empathic manipulation.

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Theory Citations Notes
Empathic manipulation would not be ineffective against a telepath. None + If empathic manipulation worked by manipulating the physical brain, instead of its "psychic" component, telepathy would not provide immunity.
Empathic manipulation works by manipulating blood and brain chemistry. None + Human behavior is greatly influenced by chemicals. For example, by causing another person's brain to release endorphins, Joseph would be able to produce feelings of happiness and euphoria. By disrupting their ability to manufacture/absorb serotonin, he could launch them into a mindless, berserk frenzy (similar to primal rage).
+ In the iStory "The Puppet Master", Doyle was rendered unconscious by Joseph's ability. Joseph may have forced Doyle's brain to manufacture chemicals like melatonin (used by the body to help manage circadian rhythm).

+ This would help differentiate the ability from others like telepathy.

Empathic manipulation is related to animal control. None + Wildman's ability allowed him to control the actions of animals. An easy way to do so would be by manipulating their emotions.

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