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Theory:Game operator

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The following fan theories are about Game operator.

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Theory Citations Notes
The game operator is Draph or is related to him. None + The game operator resembles an older Draph.

+ The game operator has telekinesis like Draph.

- Other characters can have telekinesis.

+ It is school break, meaning Draph could be in the carnival, rather than at school.

- The game operator runs the ball-toss game, and Draph doesn't work for the carnival.

+ The Phoenix Alliance would want to keep an eye on the carnival in order to maintain their belief in saving the world.

- Heroes: Survival information does not count as canon information, unless it's mentioned in an episode, graphic novel or webisode. So technically, the Phoenix Alliance does not exist in Heroes.
The game operator is Misha. None + Misha has telekinesis, so does the game operator.

- They look nothing alike.
- Misha was taken in by Danko's agents.

- The carnival was in Europe when evolved humans started being rounded up.
The carnival travels around the world all the time.
- And Samuel said himself that they weren't going to the US while the "witch hunt" was still happening.

- Misha's telekinesis has a visible effect on the objects it effects. The game operator's ability does not.

That may have been the artist's way of showing that an ability was in use. If we saw Misha in an episode, his ability would likely not show the same effects.
The game operator is Richard. None + Richard has telekinesis, so does the game operator.

+ They look alike.
+ Richard would now be old enough to be the game operator who is unnamed.

- Samson also resembles Richard and this would explain the link between Noah and Samson.
A simple break-in seems like an unlikely move for someone so powerful.

- If Noah had seen the man who murdered his first wife, he would have most likely slaughtered him as soon as possible.

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