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Blond trafficker.jpg
First appearance Libertad
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis

Misha is part of a group of traffickers based at the Angry Skunk bar.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Libertad

In front of the Angry Skunk Bar, Misha is talking to Harmon, telling him to be careful because people are disappearing. Misha heads inside the bar, and takes a seat, and another trafficker asks Misha if they can help Maya for a new identity. They offer one for $7,000, offering less if she knows any tricks. Maya says she used to, but not anymore, and says she would pay $4,000. Misha doesn't understand why they would hunt someone without abilities and shows off his ability. When Harmon walks in with a card from Libertad, Misha says that this is a set-up and Libertad can't be trusted.

During the evening, Misha and the trafficker walk on the street, discussing Libertad, when they are suddenly ambushed by Danko's team and get the meeting location with the fugitives beaten out of them.

Evolved Human Abilities

Misha has demonstrated the ability to telekinetically levitate objects. When Maya knocked over cups of liquid, Misha's eyes glowed blue and he stopped the liquids and glasses in the air, which all glowed blue.

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