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Theory:Hiro Nakamura (explosion future)

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The following fan theories are about Hiro Nakamura (explosion future).

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Future Hiro has been to Feudal Japan and lived as Takezo Kensei. None + With his sword, soulpatch, and ponytail (and without the glasses), Future Hiro greatly resembles the paintings of Kensei.
- It's possible that Future Hiro borrowed his fashion sense from the historical depictions of Kensei. It's also possible that he never went to Feudal Japan, as his message to Peter altered the timeline. Finally, it has been heavily implied that Future Hiro's sword is the actual Kensei sword, as Future Hiro presumably undertook the same journey to steal the sword that Hiro did in Season 1.
- He greatly resembles the ancient depictions of Kensei. This implies that future Hiro never visited ancient Japan, and thus never found out that Takezo was actually an Englishman with alcoholic tendencies.

+ After "the kiss that fractured history", the original Kensei seems likely to turn evil (The Line). Hiro may take over the name, armor, sword, and hero role of Kensei, marrying Yaeko and facing the Dragon of Kiso Mountain. This could be how Future Hiro becomes a battōjutsu master.
+ The sword that Ando finds the scrolls in is Future Hiro's sword, which means he could have experienced Feudal Japan.

- Ando died in that timeline so Hiro would have no reason to write the scrolls.
+ Thinking Sylar was dead and not knowing Ando was killed, he would have written the messages anyway.
- Hiro only ended up in 1600s Japan because he succeeded in incapacitating Sylar. In the explosion future, he stabbed Sylar, then watched in horror as Sylar ripped the sword out and regenerated.
Even when writing the scrolls to Ando, he still put them in the sword handle. As the journey in the past progressed, he took the Kensei sword along with him that would have affected the history of the sword, including Mr. Linderman's ownership of this sword.
- Because 1671 was before October 4, 2006, presumably both the explosion future and the present day were altered when Hiro traveled to 1671. Thus, Future Hiro's sword would be affected by present-day Hiro changing 1671.

- Future Hiro doesn't exist anymore because the Explosion didn't destroy New York.

+ Future Hiro definitely existed on October 4, 2006.

+ It's seems unlikely that Adam Monroe would've become the revenge-seeking immortal who founded the Company without the "assistance" of Hiro (or some version thereof).

He's over 400 years old. Who knows what he's capable of on his own?

+ In both realities, Hiro stabbed Sylar and was flung away; he would have teleported to the past and met/created what would become Adam Monroe regardless. This explains how Adam was involved with the founding of The Company in all versions of reality. The only difference is in the alternate future, Sylar could heal, creating the explosion timeline.

- Actually, Hiro ended up in ancient Japan because Sylar was unable to regenerate. As he lay dying, he used the last of his strength to telekinetically fling Hiro away from Peter (hoping that Peter would then detonate and become the Exploding Man.)
- Peter was the bomb, and Sylar could not heal. He took Claire's ability in the episode Five Years Gone.

- Future Hiro was nowhere to be found when present-day Hiro visited Kensei.
+ Future Hiro would have done, by definition, everything present-day Hiro had. Which included starting the myth of Kensei. The girl explicitly said the would spread his stories. It's fairly obvious that there was only one Hiro guiding the myths of Kensei. If there was another "present-day Hiro" would have noticed another guy around who looked pretty much exactly like him except with a queue and soul patch.

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