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Theory:Isaac's paintings

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The following fan theories are about Isaac's paintings.

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Theory Citations Notes
Prior to his own death, Isaac created a work depicting Sylar's death. This painting has nothing to do with his drawing of the events at Kirby Plaza. Isaac told Sylar that it didn't matter if he died, because it was his place to die there - but not before he shows the others how to kill Sylar and stop the bomb. (.07%) + Season 2 partially revolves around the discovery of eight paintings Isaac created before he died. It is presumable that at least one other painting will play a pivotal role in the series.

+ Isaac never described the work he did of Sylar's death, leaving the door open for another work altogether. Additionally, he listed 'stopping the bomb' and 'killing Sylar' as separate goals, suggesting that maybe another work he has hidden will show how Sylar may be permanently defeated. (.07%)
Sylar seems to no longer be able to steal abilities; perhaps Isaac's last painting involved this.

Isaac's paintings depict not absolute futures, but possibilities. The other heroes were, using Isaac's painting, able to prevent the destruction of New York and The Dark Future. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

Sylar had a vision, using Isaac's powers, of himself exploding and called Mohinder in a panic. He then manipulated events so that it was Peter who lost control of his powers and became the human bomb, suggesting Sylar was capable of foreseeing multiple futures. (The Hard Part)

+ Isaac's multiple paintings of his death may also hint at Isaac's considering multiple futures and foreseeing his eventual death by Sylar's hand in all of them. This may be what leads him to do the art that shows Hiro how to stop the explosion, rather than trying to escape what he knows is coming, ala Jesus at Gethsemane.
- Isaac painted Noah's death, which happened, but later on Noah regained his life. Still, Noah did die. It is believed by this that the drawings are inevitable.
- Sylar only inferred he would explode, he never saw it.
Isaac's paintings depict actual future events, but the events need only take place in one person's consciousness. Someone experienced the fulfillment in all the seemingly unfulfilled paintings.
Isaac's paintings depict possible events in peoples lives, not just the future. None + Isaac painted Nathan being President and Sylar painted himself disguised as Nathan as President.

+ Nathan also became President in another possible future.
+ Isaac painted Hiro fighting Takezo Kensei in the tent, which was in the past, not the future.

- That was still Hiro's future.

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