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The following fan theories are about Knox.

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Theory Citations Notes
Knox is the brother or half brother of D.L. Hawkins None + They are both from LA.

+ Not much is known about D.L. Hawkins's father.
+ Knox was adopted and nothing is known about his biological parents.

- D.L. appeared to have a very close family. Micah's grandmother showed great enthuasiasm to help Micah and D.L.'s cousins, the Dawsons, happily accepted Micah into their family, even though they had enough problems of their own. It makes little sense that they'd put D.L.'s brother up for adoption.
+ D.L. Hawkins's father could have had an illegitimate child. In the same vein that Nathan had Claire.

- Being two black men from LA is not enough to be related.
+ They were both in gangs and accused of murder.

- By that argument, Abigail is related to Knox.
+ Abigail was never accused of murder.

- There is absolutely no evidence to justify this.

+ What about we are all related? This could explain the link between Knox and Micah. Because who is actually linked to Knox except Arthur (his boss) and Tracy (his killer)?
- Matt Parkman, the cop who tried to reform him.

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