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Theory:Luke Collins

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The following fan theories are about Luke Collins.

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Theory Citations Notes
Luke Collins is Sylar shapeshifted, with his memories wiped/suppressed, living a new life. None. + Luke displays the same combination of ruthlessness and sympathy that Sylar exhibited in Heroes.
+ Luke possesses the ability of induced radioactivity, an ability that Sylar also possessed (having stolen it from Ted Sprague). Furthermore, in an alternate timeline, Gabriel Gray demonstrates that out of all of his abilities, induced radioactivity is the one he loses control of when he gets emotional. The ability itself tends to be very unstable, and all of its users have demonstrated some loss of control over it more than any other ability.
+ Sylar has had his memories suppressed before and was forced into thinking he was Nathan Petrelli; he could have had the same idea and used it to start a new life as a regular human after evos started being persecuted.
+ It seems likely that Sylar, having numerous abilities, would be a prime target for evo discrimination and persecution, so it's not a stretch to think that he might have wanted to live a new life rather than fight back, especially given his altruistic shift at the end of Redemption.

+ Luke wears a cap in The Needs of the Many reminiscent of Sylar's classic disguise.

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