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Luke Collins

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Luke Collins
Luke Collins.jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Levi
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Luke's ability
Date of death 2015
Home Rochester, NY,
Buffalo, NY
Residences Two-story home in Rochester, NY
Occupation Dentist
Significant other Joanne Collins (deceased)
Child Dennis Collins (deceased)

Luke Collins, DDS, is a father who, along with his wife Joanne, is seeking to avenge the tragic loss of their child, Dennis. Luke has recently discovered that he is an evolved human. Luke ultimately sacrificed himself to buy Malina and Tommy time to stop the H.E.L.E.

Character History

Heroes Reborn

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Luke Collins: Heroes Reborn History.

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Evolved Human Abilities

Luke is able to radiate heat, light, and small electromagnetic sparks. Discovering his ability late in life, Luke doesn't have much control over his ability, and often manifests at inopportune times. When attempting to avoid using this ability, he wears layers of clothing to limit his exposure to the sun, and also shuts himself indoors with the curtains drawn, suggesting that Luke's ability may require the absorption of sunlight in order to be used, or may simply manifest more prominently when he is exposed to sunlight. The latter may be the case, as Joanne notes that his head "feels like the surface of the sun" even when he is shut in a darkened room. (The Needs of the Many) He eventually gains control over the ability, but tells Malina that it requires the sun to be out. (Send in the Clones) Drawing upon the energy from the first solar flare of the H.E.L.E., Luke displays the ability to fly though it causes him extreme pain. He was also able to harmelessly dissipate the flare by flying himself inside it and detonating the energy he collected from the flare, killing himself in the process. (Project Reborn)

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