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Theory:Matt Parkman, Jr.

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The following fan theories are about Matt Parkman, Jr..

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Theory Citations Notes
Matt Parkman Jr. can give abilities to anyone, but will only do so for people he likes. None + There isn't necessarily a difference between Hiro and a nonpowered human that would allow only Hiro to gain power from Matt Parkman Jr.
- Hiro naturally manifested an ability, that makes him different, even if he had this ability taken, he still had his evolved human genes.
Matt Parkman Jr. will deactivate Sylar's ability. None + He turned Hiro's ability on, why wouldn't he be able to turn Sylar's off?

- Sylar could realize that baby Matt had an ability and take it before the baby can touch Sylar to deactivate his powers.

+ Sylar doesn't automatically know someone has an ability; he thought Jackie Wilcox had an ability, the same can happen with Matt Jr.. Sylar once used Molly as a bait to force Mohinder to go see him, he'd use Matt Jr. as a bait for something, since he doesn't know the baby has an ability that is a threat to him.
+ There is no way the writers would have a baby murdered on the show.
They already killed Future Sylar's son.
He was a child, not a baby.
There's a large difference between having a six year old accidentally killed from impact and having an infant's head ripped open.

+ Sylar just so happens to want his powers "turned off", and even used this terminology. He also just so happened to go to Matt Parkman Sr. about this issue.

There's a reason for Matt Jr.'s ability not to be the same as his father's and grandfather's. None Perhaps Janice Parkman has an ability that never manifested.

Perhaps the formula giving people powers through genetics drastically changes two generations from the initial injection.

Neither Maury nor Matt Sr. were said to have synthetic abilities.

- Just because Matt Sr. developed the same ability as his father, it doesn't mean his son has to develop the same ability.

Matt Jr. isn't actually Matt Parkman's son. None + Parents without abilities can produce a child with abilities.

+ Matt Sr. seemed convinced that the child wasn't his biological child.

- He later changed his mind.

+ Matt Jr.'s power doesn't resemble Matt Sr.'s.

- Other parents have had children whose power doesn't resemble their own: Elle is Bob's daughter, Hiro is Ishi's son.

+ It is possible that Matt's partner had an unmanifested ability, or that Janice does.
- Matt Sr. has been humiliated enough between his wife's affair with his partner and whatever happened with Sylar. The writers would not have him raise another man's child.

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