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Noah Gray

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Noah Gray
Noah Gray (exposed future).jpg
Portrayed by Thomas Robinson
First appearance I Am Become Death
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2011
Home Costa Verde, CA
Residences Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA
Parent Gabriel Gray
Grandparents Samson Gray (biological),
Martin Gray (adoptive),
Virginia Gray (adoptive, deceased)

Noah Gray was the son of Gabriel Gray in a possible future. He was killed during an attack on his house by Daphne, Knox, and Claire.

Character History

I Am Become Death

Peter goes to the Bennets' old house looking for Sylar.

Noah greets Peter as "Uncle Peter", thinking him to be the Peter Petrelli of his timeline. Sylar, now going by Gabriel, had made breakfast for Noah, his son. When Noah asks Peter, "Where's your scar?" Gabriel realizes that Peter has come from the past. Gabriel and Peter exit to the study as Noah eats his waffles. Soon, the house is invaded by Claire, Daphne, and Knox; Knox holds Noah, threatening to harm him unless Peter allows Claire to kill him. Instead, Peter knocks Claire unconscious, and a fight ensues. While locked in battle with Gabriel, Knox accidentally kills Noah by throwing a table at him, crushing him against the counter. Gabriel, incensed by his son's death, pummels Knox with his fists, but then he loses control of his induced radioactivity power and explodes, destroying Costa Verde.

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Fan Theories

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