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Theory:Paulette Hawkins

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The following fan theories are about Paulette Hawkins.

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Theory Citations Notes
Paulette is the wife of Charles Deveaux and mother of Simone Deveaux. None + The lives of D.L. and Niki were supposedly manipulated by Linderman in the hopes of arranging Micah's birth. Charles and many other from a previous generation of evolved humans, some of whom are the parents of the present day evolved humans, have presumably known Linderman for decades and may be willing participants in the breeding of evolved humans.

D.L.'s father is unknown, and Simone's mother is unknown.
+ This would make sense if indeed, Paula Gramble is Paulette Hawkins; Charles Deveaux and Paula Gramble are sitting next to each other in the Group of twelve picture.

Paulette will help Peter restore his empathic mimicry. None + Paulette has the ability to enhance people's abilities, so she might be able to enhance Peter's ability to gain back his original ability.

- Paulette is dead.
+ Peter could use time travel to go back and enlist her help, or he might be able to find and revive her in Guyana with Claire's blood.

- The formula may not have restored Peter's space-time manipulation, and there is no one left for him to absorb it from.
Paulette helped D.L. get better control of his ability. None + Paulette had the ability to enhance people's abilities, so she might have enhanced D.L.'s control of his ability.
Paulette is really Paula Gramble, one of the company founders. None + It's confirmed that she has a power.

+ Paulette is old enough to have been a founder.
+ Paula: Paulette. Hmmm...
+ Matt listed Paula Gramble as one of the Company members to have died. This would make sense as Paulette was killed by the Kill Squad.
+ Many of the Season One characters' fathers or in-laws are founders. This would be Micah, D.L. and Niki's link.

- Adam and Maury had been killing off the Company founders.

+ Some of the parents of the main cast have been company founders (The Petrellis/Maury).
+ They share some resemblance to one another.
- Gael said Paulette was inconsequential to the Company. It is unlikely that a founder would be referred to as such.

+ Gael was under pressure of being locked in a room by his wife and angry that his fellow agents were at each others throats, would the death of a woman who just amplifies another's power really be a big deal compared to the Evs Dropper thing? The loss of an old founder who is pretty much inactive wouldn't make a big change, so why fuss over it?
- Cause that's an ability for which the Company could have many plans for, they wouldn't keep her if they hadn't, if they wanted to let her go they could just have the Haitian wipe her memory and send her on her way.
+ But by being a said founder she would have the choice to live a normal life on her own choice. Assuming she helped create the Company why would they punish her if she just wants to be grandma for the rest of her life? Do not forget that she was killed on the words of Linderman and her daughter in law Niki/Jessica. So her judgement could have been over turned by Kill Squad taking her for a mission.
+ The Kill squad is very agressive even with other company people not just specials. And since their leader has sworn to kill specials anyway, is this so out of character?
+ Her ability could also be used against the company by charging up rivals like Primahearst or their unknown rivals the Carnival. Seeing that she is inactive, the thoughts of possible betrayal could have crept into Linderman's head along with the fact he just wants to boost him self with more power or as he says "power to help others".
Paulette helped Linderman setting up the events leading to the birth of Micah. Linderman stated that he was the reason Micah was born. + As D.L.'s mother, she was in a position to manipulate her son, would naturally trust her.

+ Paulette seemed to dislike Niki. Perhaps the reason she helped D.L was what her fellow founder Linderman suggested to her, the birth of a grandson Micah.
+ Paulette kept asking the Kill Squad to be reunited with Micah. It stands to reason, that Linderman probably told them about her and Micah. Which he knew about because she helped him set up Niki and D.L.

Paulette and Ando have different version of the same ability None + They both augment the powers of others.

+ BTE confirmed this as the case with Peter and Arthur.
+ Niki and Knox have different versions of enhanced strength, one natural, the other synthetic.
+ Tracy and James Walker have different versions of freezing, one natural, the other synthetic.
- Nathan and West are synthetic and natural fliers, yet their abilities are identical.

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