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Gael Cruz

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Gael Cruz
JB Gael.jpg
Portrayed by Kanin Howell
First appearance Career Choices
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death After March 20, 2007
Occupation Senior agent and second in command of the Company
Significant other Bianca Karina (deceased)

Gael Cruz was the second commanding agent of the Company. He was engaged to Bianca Karina. He was killed by Sylar.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Career Choices

Gael Cruz, a high-ranking Company agent, calls Donna into his office. Gael tells Donna that the Company is pleased with Donna's progress and that she should not take it as a sign of anything she has done, but that she is being taken off mission assignments and combat exercises effective immediately.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Together with Thompson, Jr. and Devin, Gael tracks down Cushing, an evolved human suspected for murder. Gael examines the body of Jamie Wu. After Devin shoots Cushing, Gael suggests that they should go back.

After the events, Thompson, Jr. shows Gael flowers sent by evsdropr.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 2

Gael watches as Donna carries the Cushing murder evidence to her desk in Primatech Research.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 2

A year ago, Gael introduces Sabine to her new partner, Julien Dumont.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

Gael is accompanying Devin and Bianca on their mission in Berlin, much to Devin's chagrin. He denies Devin's assumption that he is really there to monitor Bianca as he believes that she could be the mole the Company is looking for. That night, he takes Bianca out to dinner and brings up the subject of the mole. Bianca realizes that Gael is really there to monitor her and angrily flees from the restaurant, leaving Gael alone.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Gael is sleeping in his hotel room when the German walks in after smashing a food cart through the door. After being called by name, Gael attempts to escape but the German uses his ability to clamp him against the wall with bed support bars. Gael's cellphone then begins to ring, but it's on the floor and he's unable to answer it. The German then shoots him in the stomach just as Devin and Bianca enter the room aiming their guns at the German. He is aided to safety by his fiancée while Devin remains in the room fighting the German. After Devin is killed, he gives Bianca a gas canister and tells her that she knows what to do.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean Fallon reports to Gael Cruz's office, just back from his latest mission assisting Donna and Thompson, Jr. to take down Brendan Lewis. Gael complements Sean on the mission's success and informs him he will be leader of a new secret squad of his own, code-named the Kill Squad, which would report directly to him. Gael gives Sean a week to access the Company's database, and choose, assemble and prepare his squad for its first mission.

When the time comes, Sean joins Gael outside the window of a Level 5 cell, where Gael explains how the Company has been keeping Lewis alive, and that Sean will need him to complete an upcoming mission in Guyana. Gael stays behind while Sean leads the squad on the mission. After the mission has been completed, Gael contacts the squad by radio for a status report.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

Gael and Bianca are at Primatech Research after finishing their mission to bag and tag the German. Gael is angered by the fact that the German was in possession of Company files, and realized that someone is trying to bring the Company down from the inside.

An hour later, he meets with Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap, who have finished their investigation of Sabine's escape with Julien and her wrecked car. Gael confronts Donna about the reason why her phone was found in the bushes.

An hour later in an interrogation room, he questions Donna about Evs Dropper as Bianca and Thompson, Jr. watch. He brings up surveillance footage, mentions "interesting conversations," insinuates that her ability helps her keep an eye on things for Evs, and accuses her of intentionally not using her ability in order to let Sabine and Julien escape. After learning that Donna was in the Company file room, he points a gun to her head, demanding to know who Evs is.

Bianca coaxes Gael out of the interrogation room to cool off and tries to calm him down. He still rages, noting that only humans seem to be dying during this conflict, and makes a racist comment about evolved humans, accusing the "freaks" of sticking together. This triggers a standoff: humans vs. evolved humans, with Gael siding with the humans.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Gael joins a group of human Company agents in a brawl against some evolved humans. He is knocked out when Thompson, Jr. opens a canister of knockout gas. He wakes up in a cell with Bianca promising to let him out after he has calmed down. Gael calls Sean Fallon on his cell phone, ordering his men to return.

Later, Donna tells Thompson to call Gael and tell him to bring reinforcements to their location.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

On the phone with Thompson, Jr., Gael says that he is not surprised that there is a mass of clones at Evs Dropper's cabin since he is missing about a hundred clones from Primatech Research. Concerned about the package inside the cabin, Gael tells Thompson that he is sending an army.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

During the 80s, Gael is present at Connie and Julien's wedding and Penny's subsequent birth. Later on, he has Connie sign a form to admit Julien into blood testing in an attempt to mimic his ability. Two years later, he tells Connie that Julien was killed.

In the present, Gael tells Thompson, Jr. that he needs "the package" alive. Soon thereafter, he tells Thompson to take out Connie and the clones, and that he will secure Julien with his team.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Gael is driving with Bianca in an SUV, searching for "the package." They come upon where Sabine and root Julien are hiding, and Gael reports to Bob that they have visual on the package. Gael and Bianca drive away with root Julien and Sabine in the car and they get a message from Thompson, Jr. saying that he needs backup to save Donna, Bianca says they need to help, but Gael refuses, saying they already got what they came for.

Fallon radioes in, saying that there are no enemy survivors, and Gael tells him to do a agent casualty tally. They drive into a group of clones and Gael says to cut the root. Bianca shoots the root Julien, much to Sabine's surprise, since she thought he was the package. Gael then explains that the baby that Sabine is carrying is the package, because it will have powers.

The Butterfly Effect

Gael is one of the agents sent after Sylar after he gains Claire Bennet's ability. Gael uses a taser on Sylar, but Sylar recovers and telekinetically throws Gael onto his car, killing him and his partner, Bianca Karina. Bob later mentions that Cruz was one of the Company's best agents.

Graphic Novel:Dreams Until Death

Gael and Bianca approach Sylar in Costa Verde and attempt to apprehend him. He tases Sylar, but things suddenly go wrong. Sensing he is about to die, Gael dreams about the perfect life with Bianca. They have a perfect wedding, children and grandchildren, and are still happily living together when they are old and grey. The aged pair talk about dying together and being together forever, before he snaps out of the dream world. Gael lies to Sylar that he is an evolved human in order to prevent Sylar from stealing Bianca's power. Sylar begins to telekinetically slice off the top of Gael's head, and Sylar realizes he had been duped. The lovers die together hand in hand.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar visits the Company's gallery, where his portrait is hung in remembrance among those of other deceased agents, including Bianca's.

Heroes Evolutions

According to Gael's tip on the assignment tracker map, Gael is second in command at the Company.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter of the iStory, the Primatech contracted player and another agent deduce that Gael Cruz employed Ricardo Silva to unknowingly gather a list of evolved humans to form the Kill Squad's target list. Ricardo eventually discovered a letter with Gael's letterhead that had been crumpled, cut up and taped back together. The letter begins "In order for Kill Squad to work, I need a charismatic leader, someone who believes in Kill Squad with a religious fervor. Kill Squad needs to be their god, their reason to go on living..."

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