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Theory:Puppet master

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The following fan theories are about Puppet master.

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Theory Citations Notes
Puppet master is related to telekinesis. None + In One Giant Leap, Sylar used telekinesis to make Audrey point her handgun at her own head. However, unlike puppet master, the action was 'systematic': first pressing her against the wall, then lifting her arm (holding the gun) to her head. Puppet master-induced movement is more fluid.
It's possible Sylar and Doyle simply have different methods of using the ability.
This would imply that Sylar has puppet master.
Or that Doyle has telekinesis.
Puppet master is a limited form of telekinesis where the user can only "push", or create pressure on certain objects. None + Doyle could manipulate a person's movement by pushing on certain joints. Due to the fact that he was a puppeteer, he may have some knowledge of physiology based on the way he operated his puppets. This would also explain why he could close a door.

+ This may be why he has limited control over a person's facial movements.
- Doyle's ability is to control motor functions of people, mentally affecting the part of their brains which is responsible for movements. Doyle cannot make anyone float, which would account as a "push".

Controlling the mind wouldn't account for closing a door with his ability.
It is possible that he cannot exert enough force to lift an average size person. Also, he may not be able to manipulate at such an angle. The full extent of Doyle's powers are unknown.

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