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Theory:Sanjog Iyer

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The following fan theories are about Sanjog Iyer.

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Theory Citations Notes
Iyer may have the power to see the past, not just entering other's minds while they dream. He was able to see and show Mohinder the murder of Chandra. (Seven Minutes to Midnight) + This event, as far as we know, was not witnessed by either Mohinder or Sanjog.

+ Sylar's broken watch seems enough to suggest that the vision is accurate, as neither Mohinder nor Sanjog had seen that watch either.
+ Sanjog was also able to show Abu Aswan things that took place in ancient Egypt.
Perhaps his ability is not limited to the confines of time. There appears to be ancient pictures of him suggesting he could visit the dreams of people from the past.

Sanjog was responsible for Peter's dream in How to Stop an Exploding Man. The dream sequence was almost identical to those that Mohinder had in Madras, India. (Nothing to Hide, Seven Minutes to Midnight, Homecoming) + The similarity between them points to Sanjog.

+ Peter may have absorbed his ability in the process; Charles was manipulated by Peter himself to have an awareness of his presence.
- It is unknown whether Sanjog can manipulate the dreams of somebody halfway around the world or not. It is doubtful that he was simply visiting New York, too.
+ Sanjog's range seems virtually unlimited. As seen in the graphic novel where he contacts Abu in Egypt, it is likely he is still in Madras.

Sanjog is older that he appears. None + His actions mirror a much older, emotionally aware person.
+ He knew where to send Mohinder to help him remember what happened.

- He could simply be very intelligent for his young age. Like Micah Sanders.
Maybe kids with power mature quicker than normal kids.

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