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Theory:Takezo Kensei

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The following fan theories are about Takezo Kensei.

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Theory Citations Notes
Adam Monroe was not the original Takezo Kensei. None. + Takezo Kensei is revealed to be born in 1584. (Godsend) Hiro goes back in time to 1671, and finds Takezo, who doesn't look 87-years-old. (Four Months Later...)
+ He claimed to never realized that he was able to regenerate before, and his behavior (rather cowardly) confirms that. He would likely to have noticed that he still young looking at 87 and people at time didn't live that long.
- The birth date might be incorrect; after over 300 years, there are bound to be at least small errors in something which was legendary to begin with.
The story of Takezo Kensei is a combination of the stories of the original Kensei (Adam Monroe) and Hiro Nakamura, who is also known as Kensei. None + Yaeko says that Hiro is the true Takezo Kensei to her. This could be foreshadowing. (Out of Time)

+ Hiro "cuts out his heart" by leaving Yaeko and returning to the future.
+ The "sword frozen in ice" might refer to the Kensei sword wielded by Hiro being snapped in two due to Sylar's freezing ability in The Hard Part.
+ The Dragon of Kiso Mountain might be Kaito Nakamura as he taught Hiro the "secrets of the sword" in Landslide.

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