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The following fan theories are about Teleportation.

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Theory Citations Notes
Teleportation works by breaking down the user's molecular structure, moving it to the desired location, and then re-assembling it. None + Manuel Garcia simply faded away and reappeared elsewhere when he used his ability. This suggests that he was being 'broken down' and reassembled elsewhere.

+ This may also explain the ability's limited range.

Teleportation does not bend space like space-time manipulation but moves the user so quickly through space that they appear to move instantaneously. It has been stated that Manuel Garcia's ability did not work the same as Hiro's. + Teleporting is defined as simply "moving through space and distance instantly".

- That sounds more like a description of accelerated probability.

That doesn't negate the theory, many powers operate similarly.
Teleportation functions by converting the user into photons, which then travel to the desired location and are converted back into their original form. None + Light travels at incredible speeds; it would definitely allow near-instantaneous movement.

+ This would explain the flash of light which Rachel Mills produces whenever she teleports.

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