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First appearance The Last Shangri-La
In-story stats
Known ability Omnilingualism
Nickname Trav
Place of birth United States
Home Prishib, Stavropol, Russia
Occupation World Traveler
Significant other Unnamed woman

Traveler is an evolved human who wanders the earth, going from party to party.

Character History

Graphic Novel:The Last Shangri-La

In Goa, attends a party and meets a girl. Traveler answers a call from Hana Gitelman and is asked to deliver a message to a man named Drucker in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Traveler enters the country, and easily adapts to his surroundings thanks to his command of languages. Traveling on foot, he soon reaches a village in the mountains. Upon leaving, Traveler falls down an incline and injures himself. He shouts for help before passing out.

When Traveler awakens, he is in a warm bed, tended to by Bhuddhist monks. A man in gray asks for Traveler's message. Traveler informs him that his message is from Hana Gitelman, to whom Drucker is related.

Evolved Human Abilities

Traveler has the ability to understand and utilize any language, whether spoken or non-verbal. He has demonstrated the ability to speak fluent English, Swedish, Hindi, and Dzongkha, the language of the Kingdom of Bhutan. He uses this ability to blend effortlessly into a population.

Memorable Quotes

"As I pushed deeper into the country, I started asking about a man named Drucker. Fortunately, I speak Dzongkha. My ability to communicate and speak virtually any language, spoken or otherwise, is surely a plus."

- Traveler (The Last Shangri-La)


  • In an email, Yule Caise said, "I came up with Traveler after thinking who and what I'd like to see in the Heroes world. I spent much of my twenties wandering the globe. In creating the character of Traveler I wanted to come up with a power that I wished I had when visiting and/or living in various parts of the world. And it was especially important for me to have a character that I would hang out with, and party with, even now."

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Traveler for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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